Hi, we have set up a discord channel for ZX Spectrum enthusiasts:

The biggest ZX Spectrum Discord Server, carefully moderated for everyone's happiness by Dunny and Ref

Every Emulator Developer's one stop gathering place, extremely active

Active Demoscene, pixel art and music channels with prominent artists and coders that bring east and west together as a single sinclair zx spectrum community

Home of basinC and SpecBas, active Sinclair Basic discussion

Asm channel with compiler developers and veteran coders

Hardware channel with, ok let's be honest, not much activiy there, but enough with veteran zx hackers with their soldering irons, expecting you to show your skills!

Next, Uno, Evo, ATM TURBO and other nextgen spectrum discussion

Welcoming, English Speaking International Community

Over 400 seasoned spectrum users!

Click link below to get your invitation for main ZX Spectrum Discord Server:


(And yes, we have an slightly moderated offtopic channel too)


Bir retrojen.org projesi

retrojen'e katılın! -> Retrojen Forum

z80 işlemcili bilgisayarlar için Retrojen Wiki

ret - bir ZX Spectrum demo grubu

OpenGDS for Zx Spectrum - Game control definitions for mobile gaming

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